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From freq table calculate P(yellow<100)
Summer 2019 P1 Q2c
List outcomes, probability scale
Summer 2018 P2 Q3
Prob of picking
Sample 2 P2 Q3
Dice and coin
Sample 2 P1 Q3
calculate from pie chart
Nov 2019 P2 Q4c
List all outcomes; calc prob
Nov 2020 P2 Q4
Using fractions and percentages
June 2017 P1 Q4
given probability how many..
Summer 2018 P1 Q4
select most appropriate
Nov 2019 P2 Q4ab
Complete outcomes; find prob
Nov 2016 P1 Q5
complete outcomes, calc prob
Sample 1 P1 Q5
List outcomes & find probability
June 2017 P1 Q6
Pick & replace 75 times
Nov 2018 P1 Q6
Probability from 2 way table
Nov 2019 P2 Q6b
2 spinners forming number
Nov 2018 P2 Q7
compare likelihood of picking...
Summer 2019 P2 Q8
Complete prob table & calc
Nov 2020 P1 Q8
Complete table, A and B
Sample 2 P1 Q9
Simple probability
June 2017 P1 Q10
4 & 6 sided dice
Nov 2020 P2 Q10
complete prob table & use
Summer 2018 P2 Q10
complete table, OR & AND
Sample 1 P1 Q10
complete table & calc number
Nov 2019 P1 Q11
Probability - coin & dice
Nov 2016 P1 Q12
Probability from pie charts
Summer 2019 P2 Q13
Probability of two threes
Summer 2018 P1 Q13a
Probability from pie chart
Summer 2018 P1 Q13b
Complete tree & find probability
Sample 1 P2 Q14
Complete tree & calc probability
Sample 2 P1 Q15
Tree - gender & transport
Summer 2018 P2 Q16
Calc P((2nd event) given P(outcome)
Nov 2016 P1 Q16
Complete tree/calc probability
Nov 2017 P2 Q16
Complete tree diag & calc probability
Nov 2018 P2 Q17
Draw tree diag & calc probability
Nov 2020 P1 Q17
2 independent events
Nov 2019 P1 Q17
tree diagram & calc probability
June 2017 P2 Q17
Given P(A and B) complete tree
Summer 2019 P1 Q18


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